I am a Geologist (Cenozoic) & Micropalaeontologist (Ostracoda, Foraminifera, biostratigraphy, taxonomy, paleoecology, morphometry) interested in all things concerning Earth Sciences & Natural History, hence the growing portfolio of related images. They come in handy when preparing lectures ... Scientific taxon names are adapted from the museum exhibits, guidebooks and scientific literature. Errors excepted, since one can not be jack of all trades. Determination of underwater biota only by photograph.

About 100 submarine taxa and more than 400 (micro-macro)-fossil taxa are now accessible.

Images were shot with Olympus E-400/420/600 and the fabulous Zuiko 12-60mm / 2.8-4.0, Olympus TG-1, Panasonic DMC-FT2 / 3, Sigma 1DPs, Konica Minolta Dimage A2 & KoMi 7D.
I am hoping soon to be able to add the upcomig OM-D E-M5 from Olympus to this list.

The geography for images indicates the place were the shot was taken.

If you are interested in any of these images, or in a collaboration concerning (micro)paleontology or biostratigraphy please contact me under: shatteredsky(at)

Thanks for looking!